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Mobile phone data spying: It’s not just the NSA

Cellphone spying just keeps getting bigger and better

Mobile phone spying is bigger than ever and it just keeps getting bigger. Why? Because it is extremely effective. The Government of course is the biggest player but now big brand retailers, law enforcement agencies and a host of others are getting in on the act big time. There are even simple inexpensive mobile spying devices used to catch cheating spouses, monitor teenagers and employees.

Check out how local police are now spying on cellphones

The National Security Agency isn’t the only government entity secretly collecting data from people’s cellphones. Local police are increasingly scooping it up, too.

cellphone data spying

Armed with new technologies, including mobile devices that tap into cellphone data in real time, dozens of local and state police agencies are capturing information about thousands of cellphone users at a time, whether they are targets of an investigation or not, according to public records obtained by USA TODAY and Gannett newspapers and TV stations.

The records, from more than 125 police agencies in 33 states, reveal:

About one in four law-enforcement agencies have used a tactic known as a “tower dump,” which gives police data about the identity, activity and location of any phone that connects to the targeted cellphone towers over a set span of time, usually an hour or two. A typical dump covers multiple towers, and wireless providers, and can net information from thousands of phones. Read more reported by USA Today….

Check this out

cell phone monitorEveryday folks are getting in on the actSee how people are monitoring virtually everything from listening in on live calls to viewing incoming text messages using this simple inexpensive spy application.  It works in complete stealth mode and does not need to be downloaded on the cell phone you wish to spy on.  See how it works.


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