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DOJ and Law Enforcement Want Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking to Remain

The DOJ believes the use of cell phone monitoring and location tracking to be critical resource for law enforcement while other groups think it’s an invasion of privacy. ┬áParents wanting to keep tabs on their children’s cell phone activities might see things in the same light as the DOJ.

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Now that different states issued different precedents on warrantless cell phone searches, and a federal court ruled it should maybe limited to your phone book, the question arises what to do with the burgeoning carrier departments that sell your location info, as triangulated by the cell phone towers around you.

At a recent Congressional panel, Department of Justice representative argued that outlawing cell phone tracking without a warrant, like GPS device tracking before it, would “cripple” prosecutors and law enforcement. The authorities are using this grey area now to easily obtain info from carriers without having to go through the warrant hassles for a GPS tracking device…. More at DOJ says warrantless cell phone tracking should remain or law enforcement can be crippled.

Consumers from all over the world are actively using various apps to review just about everything that takes place on cell phone, from GPS tracking to text message monitoring.  So it only makes sense that law enforcement should have easy access to the technology.


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